MyMathLab: Student Access Kit

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Publisher: Pearson; 4 edition (July 18, 2003)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 032119991X
 ISBN-13: 978-0321199911
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Book Description
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This access kit can give you with a code to urge into MyMathLab, a personalised interactive learning setting, wherever you\'ll learn arithmetic and statistics at your own pace and live your progress. so as to use MyMathLab, you may want a CourseID provided by your instructor; MyMathLab isn\'t a self-study product associated will need you to be in an instructor led course.  MyMathLab Student Access Kit includes:
Interactive tutorial exercises: MyMathLab\'s school assignment and apply exercises area unit correlative to the exercises within the relevant textbook, and that they regenerate algorithmically to administer you unlimited chance for apply and mastery. Most exercises area unit free-response and supply associate intuitive mathematics image palette for getting into mathematics notation. Exercises embrace guided  solutions, sample issues, and learning aids for further facilitate at point-of-use, and that they supply useful feedback once students enter incorrect answers.
eBook with transmission learning aids: MyMathLab courses embrace a full eBook with a spread of transmission resources on the market directly from designated examples and exercises on the page. you\'ll link bent learning aids like video clips and animations to enhance their understanding of key ideas.
Study arrange for self-paced learning: MyMathLab\'s study arrange helps you monitor your own progress, lease you see at a look precisely that topics you wish to apply. MyMathLab generates a personalised study arrange for you supported your take a look at results, and also the study arrange links on to interactive, tutorial exercises for topics you have not  however down pat. you\'ll regenerate these exercises with new values for unlimited apply, and also the exercises embrace guided  solutions and transmission learning aids to administer students the additional facilitate they have.
What are instructors are saying about MyMathLab?    
"We use the MyMathLab software and are extremely pleased with the content and the technical support.  We could not use this approach without it! Eighty-two percent of the students in the pilot actually admitted that it helped them learn the mathematics." from Phoebe Rouse, LSU              
"The increase in student success is 27%. Students that would have been lost with a nontransferable 'D' or an 'F' are now passing the course." from a Community College in the Chicago area          
"My exam averages and course pass rates our up. Students are actively engaged in practicing math, ask more and better questions, and enjoy the learning process. They appreciate the instant feedback and aren’t satisfied until they get 100 percent on the homework assignments. When it comes time to register for the next class, most students who have done both lecture-based and MyMathLab hybrid classes, seek out the MyMathLab sections. They feel a real sense of accomplishment because they recognize and can take credit for the role they’ve played in their success.”  from   Jill Shirley, Cal Poly Pomona    
"After teaching with MML I wouldn't want to go back to the traditional way of teaching Math.  MML stimulates better student/teacher interaction in a lab setting.  It tracks and grades homework for you.  And it's a great tutorial for students when they get stuck." from Sheila Pisa, Riverside Community College (CA)    
“MML is one of the most reliable of all online Math programs.” from Sheila Pisa, Riverside Community College (CA)     
 “I absolutely love MML.  I believe whole-heartedly that it has made a definite improvement in my students' grades and understanding level.  I have fewer students dropping out of the courses I am teaching using this method than in the past - before MML.  I recommend it to everybody I know!!”  from Susan Hutchinson, Florence Darlington Technical College 
Customer Reviews
after reading the reviews i was nervous to buy being that so many were negative and state that the cod did not work. this is $140 at my bookstore and $69 on here. bought new from amazon and used the code today and had no issues! so glad to have saved the money. :)

I'm using this for my trigonometry class: because I bought this instead of the book, I've saved a hundred bucks. Hey, the book's already there, online, through MyMathLab: there's no need to buy the hardback (unless you either want it as a reference or have an extra hundred bucks). Money well spent!

Most of the negative reviews for products like this come from people who bought the products used. This product is an access code. If the code has been used already, it is no good to the next person. Buy this product new, and you won't be unhappy!

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